Friday, 3 June 2011

School Holidays 2!

This week has been amazing!! Camilla and Annie came too stay at my house, and we had water bomb fights, a lovely picnic, pretending too be cheesy American's+the joys of sleeping on an airbed!! But before all this happened, I went too there house+we had tea, played on the trampoline, made semores, hot chocolate, and more water balloon fights! Luckily for us, the weather has been stunning! We were very sad when we had too leave each others presence, but it was GREAT! Me and Annie also had the joyful experience of.... NEVER MIND!!;) Ruthie has been in St Andrews all week, and I have been texting her, and it sounds like she's had a great time too!:) Xxxx

Friday, 4 March 2011


Today, I am going to my best friends' Camilla+Annie Preston's house to have a SLEEPOVER!!:D Also, my best friend Ruth Teal is going to be their too! Been excited since the day they asked me! It's gonna be really AWSOME!:) I will put some pictures on when I can, cya!:)<3

P.S: Thanks for inviting me guys!x


Wednesday, 2 March 2011



Well, I'LOVE'YOU, for a start! We've been friends since we were babies, and we have so many memories, I think I would need a LOT of paper! We have been to Chester Zoo, F+B, we've been to each others house's, but most of our memories are probs one's we cant remember! We have had loads from young ages, too many. I love you loads+loads, ok?;)<3

Tuesday, 1 March 2011


Today was maths day at my school, and I wasn't really looking forward too it, if I do say so myself! But, when I got to school, we got given little schedules with the different rooms that we'd be in+the different things which we'd be doing. It was mixed with Year 7's, and first, I was with my friend Laura, calculating our heart rate after doing various sports. Then, we were together for speed stacking, which was really fun. You get given coloured cups, and you stack them high, then quickly put them back to normal. You get three times to beat your score. After that, it was break. Next, we learnt about where the money we use to buy chocolate, goes. Then, we went in the hall, and had to pretend to be shopkeepers!! At dinner, we didn't really do much. Last lesson, we made a bridge out of newspaper! So, my day didn't turn out so bad after all...!:) x

Monday, 28 February 2011



We met through youth+since then we've been as close as two pea's in a pod(well, three including Camilla!), and i love you too pieces! We've been bike riding, shop, my dad's work... We've done makeovers, watched movies...+ LOADS MORE!! I see you most weeks but I will see you more soon, and thats because I am practically moving round the corner!! We have been to F+B, cinema's... I know you used too live in HellsBells house, which is weird because my friend Laura lives there sometimes too!:)

I love you always! Best friends forever?<3


Here she is.... One on the left! STUNNING!<3



What can ie say.... I LOVE YOU!:) We have loads of great memories, such as, 'The Dolls!', ...(HA! OUR SECRET!!), Frankies+Bennies(Sprite+Salt!), stake activities+loads more! We see each other loads, we went to the same nursery school, where we were best friends there too! We may be in different wards+different schools, but WHO CARES? Not me:) Our pact:D<3

Here she is....BEAUTIFUL:)
We have been to Chester Zoo, and we have loads of pictures from when we were little. Best friends forever?x



Today was my first day back at school!! Dont know why, but I was really excited;)! I saw my friends+met Sinead at the gates. She said that she had a pound too spend at the corner shop. Only thing was, our corner shop was shut! So I suggested we could to the hospital shop, that sold more than the corner shop, but a bit more expensive. School started in 15mins, we were so gonna be late! And we snuck out of school, which we were so gonna get in trouble for!! When in the shop, we brought our dinner(because the machines in school weren't working at school), and walked back to school, with 5mins to spare! And we didn't get caught!!:) great day after all to be honest!!<3